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Union County has the fifth lowest property tax rate in the state, and prop- erty is assessed at 40% of the fair market value. Property tax exemptions may be available for those who qualify. Please contact the Tax Commis- sioner or Tax Assessor for other detailed information:
 Sales & Use Tax: 7% (4% state + 3% county, including a SPLOST)
 Property Tax Millage Rates (2018): County = 6.153; School = 11.740;
City of Blairsville = 1.945
 GA Income Tax Rates: 6% in 2018; 5.75% in 2019
 Standard Homestead: $2,000 off the 40% assessed value or $4,000 for ages 65+ (April 1 application deadline)
 School Tax Exemption: Up to $10,000 off the school tax portion of the 40% assessed value for ages 62+
 Floating Inflation-Proof Exemption: Must have household income of $30,000 or less
 Disabled Veterans Exemption: Up to $67,555 off the 40% assessed home value
 Exemption for Un-Remarried Surviving Spouse: Up to $64,960
 Specialized Exemptions: Agricultural and Conservation Use
and common areas, sandy beaches and community boat docks. What’s more amazing is that you can purchase a nice home on Lake Nottely from around $400,000. You can’t even touch other lakes in the area for that price.
Overall, construction tends to be more traditional in our area. Even the cabins here are going to be a little more finished, with a nice mixture of sheet rock and tongue-and-groove.
The Market Is Solid
Right now, the local market is looking
  very balanced, with opportunities for buyers and sellers. Whether you’re look- ing for a view lot, a cozy cabin or an upscale home, you’re sure to find the perfect one here in Union County.
Photo courtesy of Chad Lariscy

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