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     Butternut Creek Golf Course
Byron Herbert Reece Trail
Young Harris College tennis courts
 I“Do I Have to Retire ...
or Can I Just Act Like It?”
It’s true what the pundits say: wildlife photography, park visits, and Sometimes you have to put off being other outdoor endeavors.
young until you can retire! The truth “Don’t play too much golf. is, folks don’t come to the mountains Two rounds a day are to retire as much as they do to start a
new adventure ... a second half. plenty.”
further here in the mountains. Date nights are particularly sweet when you’re not breaking the bank for dinner and a movie. The cost of living is decidedly less. And you won’t get taxed to death. Union County has one of the lowest property tax rates in the state. With such good property values, the county brings in more per mil without putting an undue burden on folks.
All that stuff you’ve been wanting to
do? It’s right here — volunteering, hob- ∼ Harry Vardon
bies, family time, even starting a new Yes, there’s golf here — lots of it, in business. Of course, you could also just
discover the joys of living on “mountain
time.” Remember, you’re not just retiring
from your job — you’re retiring from
your stress, your commute and your
alarm clock.
“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.”
∼ Doug Larson
Whether you want to take up fly- fishing or just “drown a worm” with the grandkids, you’ll find plenty of oppor- tunities for that outdoorsy stuff.
From your home deep in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest, you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding, or fishing and water adventures on Lake Winfield Scott or Lake Nottely. Even if you aren’t particu- larly athletic, you might find you love
face lifts until my ears meet.”
fact. But there’s also tons of cultural opportunities — from musical recitals at nearby Young Harris College to main stage plays at the Peacock Performing Arts Center or Blue Ridge Community Theater. Festivals on the Town Square and contra dancing at the John C. Campbell Folk School add to the fun.
Lifelong learners have plenty of opportunities to expand their knowledge and enrich their education. Senior edu- cation and class offerings run the gamut from arts and hobbies to more academic topics. And for those who like to get involved, civic clubs, pet rescue organi- zations and networking groups can fill your calendar with activities.
“I don’t plan to grow old
“When a man retires, his
“The really frightening thing
wife gets twice the husband
about middle age is that you
but only half the income.”
know you’ll grow out of it.”
∼ Chi Chi Rodriguez
Good thing that your money goes
∼ Doris Day
gracefully. I plan to have
∼ Rita Rudner
All joking aside, growing old grace- fully also means having access to good healthcare. And there’s no shortage of top-notch docs here in the mountains. World-class care is available from local providers as well as specialists from Atlanta and Gainesville with satellite offices here. Rarely will you need to chew up a valuable day traveling out of the area for a doctor’s appointment.
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