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Lifelong Learning Makes the Grade
How are the schools? If you preserve small-town values while keeping have school-age children, the answer to up-to-date with the latest in educational that question is incredibly important. practices and technology. For example, But it’s also crucial if you’re looking for every student in grades 6-12 receives a
a good college — or want to learn a new dedicated Chromebook computer for skill or trade. The answer matters if use at school and home. Students in you’re a lifelong learner, too. grades 3-5 also receive Chromebooks,
The good news is that there are a but they remain in the classroom.
wealth of options. Whether it’s public, Nerds Rule!
year receives integrated instruction in physics/engineering and literacy/chemis- try, while the following year focuses on biology/healthcare sciences. Through community partnerships, students also receive hands-on, field-based research opportunities.
Advanced placement and accelerated courses expose middle and high school students to academics a year or so before they would traditionally receive them. And, with the close proximity of Young Harris College, North Georgia Technical College and the University of North Georgia, many high schoolers take advan- tage of dual enrollment opportunities.
A Focus on Fine Arts
A $9 million, state-of-the-art Fine Arts Center sets the stage for everything from band concerts and drama productions to art exhibits and choral recitals. The 986- seat building was specifically designed for excellent sound resonance. In fact, the theater walls contain approximately 27 tons of sand for sound proofing, and the sound and lighting equipment is some of the best around!
Innovation Leads the Way
A big part of what makes Union County schools so exceptional is the designation as a Georgia Charter School System. Under the charter school system, educa- tors enjoy increased flexibility to inno-
private, charter, higher education or trade schools, you’ll find that education and learning makes the grade here.
It’s All Elementary
Let’s start with K-12. The beauty of our school district is that it has been able to
STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is emphasized in all higher grades. Union County High School began a STEM cohort during the 2015-2016 school year, targeting 20-30 students in 9th grade. A new cohort each
UCHS classroom
 2017-2018 Performance Snapshot

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