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103 n. Egan avE. MadiSon, Sd 57042 (605) 427-2900 www.bEonlinEinc.coM
At Dakota State University, students are part of innovative degree programs that are affordable and career-focused. They are inspired to build their strengths, insights and skills with technology-infused programs in IT, communications, digital media, health, science, math, education and business. DSU offers
both undergraduate and graduate programs, with many degrees available both online and on-campus.
DSU is a small school with a big impact. Students and professors drive DSU’s success beyond small-town South Dakota to a national and international level. Dakota State has the only undergraduate degree recognized by the National
dakoTa sTaTe uniVersiTy
820 n. waShington avE. MadiSon, Sd 57042 (605) 256-5112 www.dSu.Edu

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