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madison ChrisTian sChooL
45369 234th St. MadiSon, Sd 57042
(605) 427-0109 www.MadiSonchriStianSchoolSd.coM
Children are a gift from God. MCS desires to support parents in the education and spiritual growth of their children, with academic excellence and a biblical worldview, all in a healthy and supportive environment. Madison Christian School
is not associated or supported by any one denomination. At MCS we seek to unite and support Christian families in our community.
sT. Thomas aquinas sChooL
401 n. van EpS avE. MadiSon, Sd 57042 (605) 256-4419
St. Thomas School has proudly been providing a Catholic education for students since 1928 in Madison. Offering preschool through fifth grade services, students of all denominations are welcome. Children are our most prized possessions; we invite you to discover Madison’s hidden treasure in elementary education.
TriniTy LuTheran presChooL
203 n. harth avE. MadiSon, Sd 57042 (605) 256-2771 www.tlcMadiSon.coM

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